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Shoranur located on the banks of the Bharathapuzha River, is known for its art and cultural legacy. Prabhatham was born as a result of a long-felt need among cultural activists and artistes. It was formed to co-ordinate and to strengthen all progressive tendencies that had so far manifested themselves in the form of drama, songs and dances. Its roots lay in the cultural awakening of Kerala, seeking to revive our cultural heritage.

The name “Prabhatham” itself has a historical reference. Prabhatham is named after the first leftist publication by EMS. Namboothirippadu and ICP Namboothiri from Shoranur in the period of freedom struggle in India. Prabhatham Art and Cultural foram holds the cultural legacy of this first revolutionary attempt which empowered the progressive movements in Kerala.

The society conducts various events like All Kerala Professional Theatre Festival in association with Bharath Balan K Nair Memorial; and discussions, debates and seminars on different subjects guided by important personalities, which makes the organization strong among the public and the society.

An organization concentrating upon art and cultural promotion must also work for the welfare of the homeless, old age people. Such a move on the part of an organization is always viewed with respect and honor by the society. Each year Prabhaatham Art and Cultural Society render valuable services to Abhayam Old Age. Giving shelter to the poor and launching Education Schemes for thousands of poor children also forms the object of Prabhatham.

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